Hi guys,

I am facing problems to get openvpn on my rapberry pi to work.

Therefor I installed the openvpn server, but anyhow I did not get quiet far 🙁

Until I found this.

A neat little project which makes our lives easier called pivpn.

Does all the downloading and the setup work for you. You simply have to give in the password to make it work.

CHeck this out:

PiVPN: Simplest setup of OpenVPN

Secure connectivity for the masses. Low cost, high security.

Source: www.pivpn.io/

After installation if you want to kick or add a client from the valid users just do:

pivpn -r <nameoftheclient>
pivpn -l shows a list of all clients that are registered
pivpn -a <clientname> adds a client and creates an *.ovpn file (save directory is shown while adding) which can be loaded into the client

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