Hello I bought a camera HIKVISION , but data storage initialization does not work.

Therefor here is the solution for nfs share:

On your NAS Server:

Create a simple image with filesize 50 gb:

dd if=/dev/zero of=<imagefilename>.img bs=1 count=0 seek=50G

format the image with ext4 file system

mkfs ext4 -F /mnt/win1/<imagefilename>.img

Mount the image

mount -o loop,rw /path/to/<imagefilename>.img /path/to/mountpoint

The next part is just if you want to share via nfs (SMB can be done be shareing the mountpoint)

sudo nano  /etc/exports

add the line

sudo  exportfs -a

pay attention to the file mode and permissions. the file is created as root so you might have to chmod chown it …


By default the Folder “Lost+Found” is created by mkfs. To make the cameras Storage work you MUST delete it.

The shared folder must be complete empty!


Now Format the device in your camera Web UI …

Enjoy recording

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