Raspberry Pi Mount USB Thumb Driver permanently

I always search the web for that. So here is the simple solution: sudo ls -laF /dev/disk/by-uuid find your device uuid  for example : c2eced36-13e6-4dcd-82a4-c6ecdfb16ec1 then add to fstab UUID=c2eced36-13e6-4dcd-82a4-c6ecdfb16ec1 /path/toMountpoint sudo reboot done!

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Hikvision Camera DS-2CD2042WD NAS Storage does not initialize Solution

Hello I bought a camera HIKVISION , but data storage initialization does not work. Therefor here is the solution for nfs share: On your NAS Server: Create a simple image with filesize 50 gb: dd if=/dev/zero of=<imagefilename>.img bs=1 count=0 seek=50G format the image with ext4 file system mkfs ext4 -F /mnt/win1/<imagefilename>.img Mount the image mount […]

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Create a cronjob on Ubuntu

Today about doing cronjobs:: crontab -l shows you the current cronjobs     crontab -e if no file exists a new one is created. insert a rule to active the new job   for example 30 3 * * * /home/user/dothatthingatnight.sh dothatthingatnight.sh is executed every day at 3.30am. Possible errors: Wrong permissions!! Remember that the […]

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Check mount for available capacity

Fist we need a shell script that does the checking:   Then as your system trys to mail you the alert and the mailutil is not install. install it using: sudo apt-get install mailutils Now configure mail using ssmtp Install and configure sstmp sudo apt-get install ssmtp sudo nano /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf Uncomment FromLineOverride=YES by deleting the […]

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Make Image from Raspberry pi SD Card Put it back on. Mount an Image

Quite simple works with dd command: first insert the sdcard into an linux computer. perhaps it gets automatically mounted. if so unmount every partition. therefor its useful to check on which mountpoints the crad is mounted do that with the simple mount the output looks like this /dev/mmcblk0p6 on /media/pi/boot umount /dev/mmcblk0p6 command. after unmounting ALL […]

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Script for running ssh backup with rsync

How to: backup a single folder on a remote server onto this machine with a folder name specified by the back update. put the following into a back.sh script.   NOW=$(date +”%m-%d-%Y-%T”) FOLDER=/path/to/backup/dir/$NOW-folder mkdir -p $FOLDER sshpass -p ‘<passwordforsshuser>’ rsync -avz -e ssh <remoteuser>@<remoteipaddress>:/path/on/remote/server $FOLDER>update.log

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install zoneminder surveillance software on Ubuntu server

Best software to connect to multiple security ip cameras https://zoneminder.com/ Install is easy to use: apt-get install zoneminder   during the installation process note the passwords you hve been prompted for! after the installation check the running state with service zoneminder status in my case i had to add the follwing link for zoneminder integration […]

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