New Video tutorial about Recording profiles in tvheadend

hope it helps

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Video about Mapping Services to channels in TVheadend

Hi folks,

here the new tutorial about channels and services

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Video configuring tvheadend server part1

here is my brand new video about configuring a tvheadend server on raspberry pi

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Make Image from Raspberry pi SD Card Put it back on. Mount an Image

Quite simple works with dd command:

first insert the sdcard into an linux computer. perhaps it gets automatically mounted.

if so unmount every partition. therefor its useful to check on which mountpoints the crad is mounted

do that with the simple


the output looks like this

/dev/mmcblk0p6 on /media/pi/boot
umount /dev/mmcblk0p6

command. after unmounting ALL partitions

use the dd command, not on a partition but on the whole device (in case of an sdcrad its simple the path without p6)

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/home/pi/backup.img

thats it.

Now in case of putting this image back on an sdcrad just use dd command aswell like this

dd if=/home/pi/backup.img of=/dev/mmcblk0

or mount the image into a loop device on your current pc machine, so that you can change datas or copy files like this:


fdisk -l /home/pi/backup.img

output is like this:

/home/pi/backuo.img1 8192 2357421 2349230 1,1G e W95 FAT16 (LBA)
/home/pi/backuo.img2 2357422 15523839 13166418 6,3G 85 Linux extended
/home/pi/backuo.img5 2359296 2424829 65534 32M 83 Linux
/home/pi/backuo.img6 2424832 2553855 129024 63M c W95 FAT32 (LBA)
/home/pi/backuo.img7 2555904 15523839 12967936 6,2G 83 Linux

2. look at the partition with the largest size in this case the last one.
3. calculate the startposition first number * 512
4. put this into the mount command as offset like this:

mount -v -o offset=1308622848 -t ext4 /home/pi/backuo.img /mnt/sdc


thats all đŸ™‚

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Setting up NAS Server and DVB-S2 Streamingserver on BananaPi

here we go:

Setting up NAS Server and DVB-S2 Streamingserver on BananaPi

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New Tutorial for Setting up a bananapi

He Folks,

I just finished a new tutorial how to set up a bananaPi as a DVB S Streaming Server with the extraoption to use it as a NAS Server also.


Hope you like it!

Setting up NAS Server and DVB-S2 Streamingserver on BananaPi

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Script for running ssh backup with rsync

How to: backup a single folder on a remote server onto this machine with a folder name specified by the back update. put the following into a script.


NOW=$(date +"%m-%d-%Y-%T")
mkdir -p $FOLDER
sshpass -p '<passwordforsshuser>' rsync -avz -e ssh <remoteuser>@<remoteipaddress>:/path/on/remote/server $FOLDER>update.log
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Filecount in folder

He folks,

here is how to count files in a specified folder:

find /path/to/folder -type f | wc -l
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install zoneminder surveillance software on Ubuntu server

Best software to connect to multiple security ip cameras

Install is easy to use:

apt-get install zoneminder


during the installation process note the passwords you hve been prompted for!

after the installation

check the running state with

service zoneminder status

in my case i had to add the follwing link for zoneminder integration into the apache2 webserver

sudo ln -s /etc/zm/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/zoneminder.conf

then restart apache2

service apache2 restart

and finally access your webinterface on http://<yourserversip>/zm


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Mount truecrypt volume linux commandline

truecrypt --fs-options="utf8",uid=<username>,file_mode=0755,dir_mode=0775  --mount /home/username/tcfilename /mnt/tcmountpoint
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